Thursday, September 3, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing

is a good thing!

How many people can say that they danced the weekend away?

Well ok, I guess people who are just as crazy about dancing as I am :)

BUT - seriously - I can't say enough about an activity that is:
1) Good for your spirit
2) Good for your health
3) Allows you to interact with people
4) Helps you grow in confidence and style
5) Provides a natural high (you know, endorphins, in the moment flirtations)

I just finished a class called Role Reversal: I, as a follow learned to lead and other leads learned to follow. The class was a small and intimate gathering of 10 people. It was a BLAST! Not only do I have a better appreciation for what it means to lead in a dance, but I actually started having fun with it.

Watch out people!

Not really :P

I still prefer being a follow. Its much more enjoyable to let go, enhance and react than to actually instigate in a dance. I get more time to listen to the music and every so often, suggest, through my movement something that ends up initiating things anyway :)

Ain't that a metaphor for what happens in life?

Its taken a year but I'm finally starting to get to know people too so going to dances isn't just about dancing anymore. Its also about catching up with familiar faces. Its easy to forget about getting to know someone when you're having so much fun on the dance floor and so, when I have those moments to talk, its something to appreciate as well.

I'm taking a break to nap and veg on this rainy Labor Day and am looking forward to ending the day with some more dancing.


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