Thursday, September 10, 2009

On a Nice Sunny Day

Its been an interesting week. I've had anger issues that I'm trying to purge from my system and at the same time, some pretty darn good moments to revel in.

Over the long weekend, the cold of fall made its presence known to mark the coming of the next season. Today - its an Indian summer! The sky is clear and I can see Mt. Rainier from the window I sit next to on the 18th floor of The Columbia Center. I'm lucky enough to have next door, a concrete plaza with benches and a water sculpture where I can sit and soak in the warmth and vitamin D. The sounds of running water splashing on concrete almost mask the hustle and bustle of the vehicles and pedestrians on the downtown street just a few meters away. Its my urban get-away during the work week.

I've been able to appreciate, that for all the trouble I'm having trying to rid myself of the negativity I feel about a small part of my life, I am having way more fun that ever.

Last night I went out dancing and just as I was ready to leave, fell into the "ok, one more dance" cycle and got to share some wicked awesome dances!!! WHOOSH! Oh, what a feeling indeed. Despite my tired feet, I was energized and the high still echoes through today.

I also ran into a former colleague who needed to vent. As we sat outside, basking in the warmth of the sun, I like to think that I gave her that channel to disperse her negative energy; look forward to all the other positive things she has going for her and take steps to improve the not-so-happy situation that she finds herself in.

Good vibes all around!

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