Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Romance is Alive and Well

I hope that the person that shared this with me doesn’t mind me writing about it – I just wanted to celebrate the fact that romance Is not buried in this high tech, on-the-go world that we live in.

I am currently just past the point of the “frenzied enthusiast” as a dancer. I'm slowly moving past the mentality of dance, dance, dance with very little time spent on talking and socializing. Just past the point where it’s no longer all about getting better and maximizing dance time. I am now at the point where it’s also about getting to know the people that share in the fun.

One of the reasons I have embraced dancing is the community that comes with it. In the course of the last 6 months, as my dancing has grown, I have also had the pleasure of meeting with and getting to know a group of wonderfully diverse people who are just as enthusiastic about the dance as I am.

This story comes from a one of my favorite leads. He's a favorite because of the way he mixes steps from other dances into his salsa dancing. I am always a big fan of fusion because when it’s done well, it brings together the best of so many different worlds.

One evening, we were chilling and chatting just before dancing started; getting to know a little bit about what we each do when we’re not out dancing. I found out that he and his wife are retired and while they both dance, she no longer comes out social dancing as often as he does. The cool thing is that they still share the joy of the dance.

When he goes home near or just past midnight after a night of social dancing his wife will ask if he wants to dance. Of course he does! So they dance together till the wee am hours and wake up to the morning light in each others embrace.

What a life!

When I heard this, it warmed my heart (yes, I know - that's such a cheezy expression). But it gave me hope for a future that I certainly want: to everyday have the opportunity to dance some idle time away with my leading man, sweet music playing in the background.

That's the cherry on the icing.

In the meantime, I am thoroughly enjoying the dance I'm in, looking forward to more nights of being swept of my feet, connecting with someone else to music that I enjoy and getting to know all sorts of interesting people along the way.

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