"Frances is a big part of my life and who I am today. Why? Because I wouldn't be who I am and how I am without Kizomba - a dance who I fell in love with 2 years ago. I took her classes, her private classes, workshops and events she provided for us, Kizomba dancers in Seattle with many variety of intentional and amazing instructors from all over the world.

I took every opportunities as much as my work schedule and finances allowed me to take. She is the mothership in this community who has passion and strong determination to take all of us where we need to reach in our life through love of Kizomba. I can not thank her enough to providing us with many opportunities to grow not only as as dancers but as a great human-beings in this society we care about."
- Atsuko Nagakura
Visual Designer, Bartender/Mixologist, 

"Your work has helped me because through the facebook page of Kizomba Seattle I found your group, and I managed to meet friends! This is very important when you move from another place, you are new, and you don't know how things work and how your life will be in the new place. Meeting people with your same interests is a good way to make friends, especially when the interest is a good and healthy passion like dancing. People of the kizomba group are very welcoming and open minded!"
- Sara Vannini Works at University of Washington 

"Kizomba and its community have welcomed me into a very diverse environment where music, dance and communication with people brings me great joy ! Frances Tee is a wonderful asset in every way, with her demonstrations, performances classes and dances - with the added plus of bringing others from outside Seattle celebrating Kizomba Fun!”
-Laszlo Szelle
Works at Boeing Company

"I have attended many classes of yours and have practiced a lot in between. The classes that you make available to us is quite helpful for the beginner to higher level dancing alike. I think that is one of the reasons Kizomba Seattle while still small has a good number of people that are near advanced and exceed many other cities in at least this country. This dance has helped me become more comfortable around other people especially up close. It helps eliminate that restriction of a personal bubble and just relax and trust each other. Its interesting because letting someone up close is opening up a vulnerability and this dance allows us to do that. Sometimes its okay to be vulnerable, we don't always have to have our defenses up at all times."
-Joe Howard
Works at Northwest Hospital

"I would like to tell you about how Frances Tee has positively impacted my life. I am the Construction Project Supervisor for a major hospital here in Seattle. As such I am a leader and a boss and those are roles that come naturally to me, and serve me well in my profession. In social dance, as a 'follow', they are not exactly considered assets or desirable traits.

Two years ago I discovered Latin social dancing and threw myself into the Latin dance scene here with gusto. As a lifelong dancer (I gave up ballet at 42) the steps came pretty easily, but the whole concept of 'following' was very foreign to me. I learned a lot in classes but most of my growth as a follow came through social dancing. That is, until I met Frances when I signed up for Kizomba lessons last September. Frances was able to articulate the mechanics as well as the underlying feeling of following in a way no one else had. I'm still struggling with the Kizomba dance itself, but as a follow I have learned how to relax and let someone else lead under Frances' guidance. This has had positive ramifications in my work life and my personal life, rendering me much more 'teachable' and able to let go of things that are out of my control. I get much more than I signed up for in those classes and I am indebted to Frances for that.

On top of all that, she's an extraordinary and tireless leader in the Seattle dance scene & is personally responsible for the growth of the Kizomba dance culture in Seattle."
-Kate Brisbois
Construction Project Supervisor

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