Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Compare and Contrast the Beauty in Dance

Its rare that I get a chance to share the two interpretations of couples dancing to the same song in their respective styles. The song is Soha Mil Pasos (in case you wanted to know the lyrics and what them men, check it out here).

The first is by a couple who dance and teach kizomba: Felicien and Isa.

The second is a couple dancing tango to the same song. I wish I knew the names of the couple so I could give them credit. The most I can do is share their beautiful interpretation of the song through dance.

By watching the two videos,  which I feel match the music well, you can see the difference in the movements that are made by the dancers within their respective styles. Kizomba and Tango are often compared to each other and while I made an attempt to compare and contrast the two dances in words, a visual is always better.

I love both Tango and Kizomba. I am more focused on Kizomba for many reason (building community, the music speaks to me more than some Tango music does) but Tango will always have a place in my heart because I love the way the lead and follow interact with each other through their steps, legs and feet. From the waist up the dance is calm and smooth but there is so much going on as they move together. The same can be said for Kizomba.

At any rate, these might help you see why I love these dances and dancing and how there is so much variety in how we dance to music.