Monday, July 28, 2014

Looking Forward to Meeting You

I'm miss you and I'm not sure if I've met you yet. I know you're out there because I feel you around me all the time.

Sometimes I wake up and it feels like you were just there with me.

I get the sense that you're near when I am with my friends. The people with whom I can just be myself. The ones that still care for me whether I'm happy or sad; scared or brave; angry or crazy; at my worst or at my best. 

I think about how much fun we'll have with my sister and her family: playing with my niece and nephew, eating, making jokes about poop, drawing ninjas, watching movies, trying the zipline, doing all sorts of things with them for the first time. I can't wait for you to meet my family.

I laugh with you when I laugh with my friends: at the silly jokes, or the funny stories or even when a laugh is needed to lighten the mood. I love your sarcastic wit and how we both appreciate irony when we see it. I love that you sometimes make me go "hmmmm" without making me feel less than myself. 

I connect to you when I dance: when I move in unison with someone, to the music, free to express myself within the framework of what is led. Even though we might not hear the same things in the music, I listen to your voice and you hear mine and we work through things together so seamlessly. its as if we already know the music even though we've only heard it for the first time.

I hear your support for what I do through the stories that are shared by the people I've touched. I feel you there, cheering for me when I'm tired and letting me vent when I'm too tired to filter out the noise. I hear your voice echoed in voices of my friends and family when they encourage me to continue, acknowledge my strengths, recognize my worth, ask me for help and take what is offered and hug me all the time.

I imagine you somewhere nearby, in the quiet moments that pop up where I can enjoy the beauty of what's around me from the sun setting over the bay, to the fog that shrouds the streets or to the some remote beach somewhere I haven't been yet.

I look forward to all the new things we'll discover together or the things you'll show me and I can share with you. I look forward to geeking out with you over the things you care about, the things I get all silly crazy excited about and even better, the things we both find so cool.

I know you'll be there for me no matter what. You know you can rely on me to be there for you. We'll be each other's support while still challenging each other to do something different and refreshing. You listen when I just vent and every now and again you'll vent along with me just to show your support. When I need a slap upside the head, you'll bring me back to center.

I feel like I'm with you when I'm with the different people I already know. I see you in that charming, hunky guy that I have a crush on, the artsy guy I admire, the leads I love dancing with and the friends who are always there for me. You love and appreciate me just as I am. I know you're out there somewhere and I can't wait to be with you. I can't wait to be home. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Sometimes, people just want to make me scream!

And then something happens to restore my faith.

Don't you love how that works out?

I do!