Wednesday, May 20, 2009

05-20-2009 Bright, Sunny Outlook

So its day 3 in my new job and I am really excited at the projects that are coming my way. I'm starting slow and that's just perfect.

In the 20+ years I've been working, I've finally learned that there will be ebs and flows to work load and that I shouldn't feel guilty when its ebbing because there will be a flow to counter balance it all soon enough.

What's up for me today? Its such a nice day, I plan to walk home (though its a bit later than I thought). Then prepare a quick dinner, head out for my salsa class and then meet up with Naomi and Paul for Star Trek on IMAX!!!!!

THAT is an AWESOME movie.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Me for LIfe

I think I finally found my voice... at least for a blog anyway ;P

Since I've moved to Seattle and started posting updates on Facebook, I get comments from friends and family about how I am living such a full life with fun activities. I thought about their comments and usually shrug them away as no big deal - I mean, I like to fill my days with creative, interesting and active things to do. Its easy!

My friends who have families congratulate me and comment on how jealous they are because I am doing things that either they can't do, have always wanted to do or haven't gotten around to doing. My single friends comment on the variety of things that I do and marvel that I still manage to get everything done that I want to.

I am enjoying my life. I take it for granted at times but I have friends and family that frequently help me to see how wonderful things are. Moving to Seattle has spurred a new "renaissance" for me and I am having a blast - so why not write about it?

Lfe is not perfect by any means. I've had a few setbacks but nothing that will slow me down. If anything, setbacks are just another opportunity to learn and improve and move beyond. Sure - I have my "moments" when support from friends and family are a must. I am very blessed to have all of this and more in my life.

Anyway - why not share? After all - I get such a kick about sharing my joys and even better being a part of or helping someone else find theirs.