Saturday, March 8, 2014

Randomness on a Rainy Day

Every now and again, my brain flies from thought to thought without much rhyme or reason - at least none that I can figure. I thought I'd just put them to writing and see what happens.

My thoughts.... they swirl .... going all over the map.

I hear a podcast about how someone was inspired and saved by dance while I'm writing my book outline and I think I need to connect to this person because he's an example of what I'm writing about how dance changes people.

I'm trying to capture my philosophy on dancing so that if someone were to ask about me and my teaching for dance, it would reflect that. I want to build on the layers and layers of fun, awareness, growth and joy that comes from dancing.

A message about plans for later tonight: looking forward to catching up with someone that's a long time coming.

Looking at the time: dear lord! its already 3pm and wait, we loose an hour which means more daylight - hurrah!

Looking at the pile of socks I've accumulated to make sock animals...boy that's a lot of socks. Reflecting back on my crafting day with a friend and realizing the older version of dream I considered and wondering why I never pursued it. Perhaps I should.

Listening to kizomba music and thinking about the new series of posts I'm writing on balance, posture and tension. So many images in my head, I wish I could find a way to animate it all. Dance is so dynamic and I see it in colors and swirls of light. With kizomba there's a warmth and intimacy that I don't feel with any other dance. This is why its drew me in and captured me. This is why I want to help other see what it can be like to dance in another's embrace, very close, from the outside moving as if one but really communicating so flawlessly through touch.

I think it would be wonderful to find a partner in that same way. Someone that feels like home. Someone I can just be myself with. Like the dance, someone that draws me in, captivates and holds me in a comforting embrace.

Looking forward to time with my sister and her family for dinner and maybe bringing my sock animals over to share with the kiddos. Hmmmm, maybe I should just make more sock animals.

Rats - I forgot to drink more water again! Wait, just remembered another idea for my write.. gotta add pictures and diagrams.

ok.. now I AM going to make another sock animal.... brb

AND that's done... oh my! Its time to head out now but I thought I'd share my new sock creation. He's a fish.

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