Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I received one of the best compliments ever while dancing on Monday night and it inspired me to write about some memorable compliments that I and other friends have received. This is written as a tribute and a big SHOUT OUT to everyone responsible for these comments: you have given the recipients of  your remarks a memory guaranteed to bring out a smile.Thank you so very much!

Here they are listed in no particular order with some license on the wording because I don't have perfect memory. Some were said, some written and it's no surprise that a lot of them have to do with dancing. :D I don't believe any of these are trademarked and I'm sure they're ok to repeat to someone else if you meant it. Feel free to share more by posting through comments below. Enjoy!

"You're such a great follow that it doesn't matter how f_ _ _'d up my lead is, you'll still follow it." 
NOTE: This was of course followed up with "That was meant to be a compliment by the way."

"That was the best dance of the night." 
NOTE: Later when bidding goodbye at the end fo the night, this person added: "I was having an off night and after our dance things turned around. That was definitely a great dance."

"I think I was a fan even before I danced with her"


NOTE: This is definitely situational too - it happened at the end of the dance that was too sweet for words and we both said it at the same time when the dance ended.

"Dancing with you reminds me of dancing with my wife."

"You always make me look good."

"I'm really happy that you're in my life."

"Thank you for being you."

"Everytime I have an email from you in my Inbox, my heart smiles."

" Your smile just lights up my day."

" That was just perfect."

"That was HOT!!"
NOTE: Believe it or not, the actual context for this one was during a volleyball game. The left side hitter had just scored a point on a hit he just NAILED and the 1st thing he did when he landed was turn to his setter and say this.

"Its so much fun to watch you dance. You enjoy it so much and dance so gracefully."
NOTE: Delivery was way cool because it was given by some total stranger who was not a dancer and just watching on the sidelines.


  1. Victor Martinez told me I was a "smooth follow" :) Coming from him, that made my night :)

  2. Ahhhhh, those are good! I like the first one, funny stuff :)

  3. Aww...this also makes me smile :)

  4. Here's what I have to say about dancing with a great lead:

    They open up a whole world of opportunities; an expansive flow of creativity unfolds and suddenly the dance becomes my world for those 5 minutes.

    I've realized this for some time. Last night, after your and my dance, the words finally came to my mind: good follows; great follows, open up *possibilities*.

    While dancing with someone you don't "click" with, someone who's timing is a bit off (or hasn't learned to prep and requires your strength for moves/spins), or those still new(er) to salsa, there's that disjunct; the extra energy/strength needed to keep them on time, work around their inability to stay on line / complete their move on time, require you as the lead to work extra hard to get back around them / compensate for their lack of skill/timing/ability - possibilities start shutting down; moves have to be simplified; the world forecloses.

    I am not the best lead. Many a follow has told me I lead too complex of moves; am too fast; expect too much; use too much strength... but, no matter whom I'm dancing with, if there is a sincerity in their dance; the hope to dance together (rather than just dancing while I happen to be there) - I enjoy it.

    But with a great follow... the world drops away and it's just me, her and the music.

    Thank you, Frances, for being THAT kind of a follow.

  5. Sorry, 1st line should read: Here's what I have to say about dancing with a great FOLLOW: