Friday, August 28, 2009

And I Should Care Why?

Within the past year, I've settled very nicely into my life in Seattle and have really been blessed with a wealth of new friends, being closer to my family and lots of new things to do.

At the same time, I've had the "pleasure" of going through a couple of relationships that have left me less than my joyful self: one was heartbreaking, the other just hurtful.

In both cases, I was told by the respective sources, that it wasn't because of me.

Sound familiar?

While there is some comfort in not being "guilty" of any wrong-doing, being innocent does not really "save you any licks" in the process of recovering from such things. In the end, in order to move on and get back to my happy place, I came to the conclusion that neither of them cared enough to work through things with me and it is what it is. I had to work through my own feelings so that I would respond to them in an equal manner. Remember my "Tee"bit? In relationships, actions (from others) must be met with equal reaction".

I am at a point with both of these people where I've categorized them into the "acquaintance" bucket. The one where I don't spend a lot of energy on and in dance events where we intersect, may still enjoy dancing with them.

Strangely enough, without my prompting for it or even desiring it, both these people volunteered information about what they were going to be doing over the weekend (in one case) and on some random evening.

And I should care why?!

Life is funny like that - when you least care about something, "stuff" happens. I'm chalking it up to the "spice" in life.

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