Sunday, May 3, 2009

Me for LIfe

I think I finally found my voice... at least for a blog anyway ;P

Since I've moved to Seattle and started posting updates on Facebook, I get comments from friends and family about how I am living such a full life with fun activities. I thought about their comments and usually shrug them away as no big deal - I mean, I like to fill my days with creative, interesting and active things to do. Its easy!

My friends who have families congratulate me and comment on how jealous they are because I am doing things that either they can't do, have always wanted to do or haven't gotten around to doing. My single friends comment on the variety of things that I do and marvel that I still manage to get everything done that I want to.

I am enjoying my life. I take it for granted at times but I have friends and family that frequently help me to see how wonderful things are. Moving to Seattle has spurred a new "renaissance" for me and I am having a blast - so why not write about it?

Lfe is not perfect by any means. I've had a few setbacks but nothing that will slow me down. If anything, setbacks are just another opportunity to learn and improve and move beyond. Sure - I have my "moments" when support from friends and family are a must. I am very blessed to have all of this and more in my life.

Anyway - why not share? After all - I get such a kick about sharing my joys and even better being a part of or helping someone else find theirs.

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