Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes, you can really feel the force of change

There's been lots going on for me in the last few weeks and its made me realize that there are times when the forces of change just have a way of lining up clearly so that you can see your way forward.

I love it!

What's changed? I have a new job starting 5/18. My current position is not in jeopardy but its been morphing in a direction that doesn't jazz me up as much. I happened upon this new job posting through an internal job postings blast and within a couple of weeks, found a new opportunity.

The process was so painless - it was fantastic. My new boss and I hit it off right away during the informational interview and within a week of initiating an internal transfer request - I had a new offer just in time for me to go on my vacation with my sister and her kids to Maui.

I've also been psyched at the continued improvement I have with dancing - it continues to provide me with a lot of joy and I continue to get lots of compliments from old and new dancers alike.

Spring is finally here and the days are getting longer - I love this time of year.

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