Monday, November 7, 2011

Falling Back

Its been a while and after drafting and re-drafting at least 6 different posts, I decided that I should just post something.

This weekend we gained an extra hour of sleep which means our days get shorter and shorter. In the spirit of falling back, I share some things I learned about myself and leave some food for thought (to be expanded later on).

Falling back to some basic principles I wonder ....

..  I've experienced a lot, but there are still "first times" to learn from and this year has been filled with lots of "1st time"s

... how does one build community in the midst of change that seems to be subdividing us into smaller groups?

... the joy I feel when dancing remains but as I learn and grow, I realize how much more I enjoy that dance that connects me to my partner and the music.

... its hard to stay positive about yourself when you're learning about your own vulnerability.

... how does one keep learning and still maintain that initial sense of wonder to share if there are less people to share with the more you uncover.

... biding my time in a place where I don't belong is not as easy as it sounds.

Food for thought... I'll be back soon!

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