Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Dance Because

Dancing always brings me joy (with a few exceptions) and I become a broken record if you hear me talk about my experiences. Last night I had an incredible night of dancing because it involved so many dances (belly dancing, tango, bachata, salsa, mambo) with some rare surprises. It inspired me to write this entry as a tribute to dancing. There's no particular rhyme or reason to the order, I just wanted to share.

I dance because ...

  • its fun
  • its active
  • its such a high
  • its beautiful
  • it social
  • it brings me joy
  • it makes me smile
  • it enriches my life
  • it provides me with adventures to share and write about
  • it takes me out of myself: to follow a lead and listen to music and experience the purity of that connection
  • it helps me to just BE
  • it makes the trivial troubles of the day disappear
  • it makes my serious troubles easier to deal with
  • it give me so much positive energy
  • I can be renewed and energized
  • my mind and body are one with the music and the lead that I'm dancing with to make magic!
  • it cures my sinuses and helps me breathe
  • when I dance I can't be mad for very long
  • I can take flight: float, glide, spin, sway, shimmy, skip and play with someone else, in harmony to music
  • I can be bring out anything that's in me: 
  • I can be sassy
  • I can be sexy
  • I can be flirty
  • I can be goofy
  • I can be smooth
  • I can improvise and make something with someone else to a song that's playing in the background
  • I can interact with people just as passionate about dancing as I am
  • I can see good friends
  • I can meet new friends
  • I can have fun with total strangers
  • I sometimes encounter praise from unexpected sources
  • I get compliments from my peers and people I respect
  • dancing is a metaphor for life and many a hard lesson can be learned through dance with less dire consequences
  • I have stories that I can share about things that can happen out on the dance floor
  • I have electric connections that make my hair stand on end
  • I can be in the arms of some "hunky guy"
  • I love the hugs
  • I know that there's so much to learn: different dances, different styles, the music, the history
  • even when I have so-so moments, they are over in a few minutes, easily replaced by something better
  • I can, with someone else, create movement so in tune with music, its just too cool for words
  • amazing connections are such a pleasant surprise when dancing total strangers
  • amazing connections can potentially blossom into something more
  • I can close my eyes and still make magic
  • I can help someone else pick up their day
  • I can show someone else how much fun they can have
  • I can feel like a rock star
  • I learn something new about myself
  • I learn something new I didn't think my body could do 
  • I learn about how to deal with people
  • I learn to communicate without words
  • I am free to express myself, be myself
  • I can just be me without judgment: let go, feel, react, respond, create new energy
  • there's just nothing quite like the high it can give when everything is just right
  • I believe that if everyone danced, the negative energy in the world would have nowhere to stick to. 
  • I love it
  • its just a part of who I am.


  1. It's like you took the words right out of mind. I use the phrase "in love" to describe my feelings for dance. :)

  2. I completely agree with you both! I love it so much and I feel so lucky to have it in my life!!!