Friday, January 1, 2010

Dancing in the New Year!

Normally I just spend a chill evening with family and stayed up to watch fire works. This year, I did something new and decided to go out and dance to celebrate after dinner.

Though I didn't make it to all the parties I would've like to go to (2 out of 5, ain't bad), I had the BEST time EVER!!!!

There's a saying somewhere that predicts the new year will be based on whatever it is you end up doing on New Year's Day.

Well, for the 1st 5 and a half hours, I was dancing, laughing, hugging and having a blast!!! There were lots of good wishes and compliments and smiles. Now I'm posting pictures, massaging my feet and posting a note on my blog. When I wake up I'll be having brunch with my sister and her family and ending the day welcoming a good friend back home.

I'd say that based on the first hours, 2010 is going to be a FANTASTIC year :D

Thanks to everyone that was a part of it: that organized, danced, hugged and smiled with me.

Thanks to my family and friends who made 2009 so memorable.


Here's to 2010.

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