Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Its been close to 10 years since I've been back home to Manila (Philippines). Some things seem to have been frozen in time while others have changed so much that I barely recognize them.

The Manila I remember was not so crowded, not so traffic-jammed with more open spaces. For the last 5 days, it seems like I've spent most of my time in traffic inside an air conditioned (thank goodness!) car traveling to the next "eating station" or "shopping station" as I get reacquainted with my old stomping grounds.

My niece True and nephew Max are here in the Philippines for the 1st time and its been wonderful to see them interacting with my mom and dad. Though they see a place that's not exactly like the one that I grew up with, its still way cool to see and hear their reactions.

My family are in good health and despite a few bumps (what family is truly free of bumps really?), I am confident in our love and support of each other.

I've also been blessed to have made friends with some extraordinary people with whom I can share my life with in the space of a few hours, in spite of the long periods of time that have passed: as if years were just the passing of one very busy day. They share with me, a warmth and affection that can only come from having gone through memorable and wonderfully formative years together.

We have all aged and have branched off to make our own paths but these times that we meet are still precious and true. They bring back memories of other friends that may not be present but are with us all the same.

What a gift for being home for the holidays!

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